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  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Attend and complete licensing orientation.
  • Acquire property (purchase or lease and live in the home.
  • Complete and receive crimminal background clearance FBI/DOJ. This includes all adults living in the home.
  • Complete 8 hours of CPR and First-Aid, 7 hours of health and safety, 1 hour of Nutrition.
  • Get TB Clearance.
  • Complete and submit Licensing Application.
  • Pass initial licensing home inspection.
A good rule of thumb is to always stay prepared because you never know when your inspection will take place. These checklist items vary by state but we'll list as many as we can here because your licensing analyst may check for things outside of what is on the official form. You really don't want to spend time going through the appeal process so it never hurts to heir on the side of caution. 
  • Checking for harzadous material- they will check your bathroom for shampoos, deteregents, and your ktichen for hazardous cleaning supplies. 
  • Fire extinguishers are up to code and fully inspected. You will need to check your fire safety code (which may be separate from child care regulations in your state) for yearly inspection requirements of fire extingusihers for those anal analysts. 
  • They will check your furniture for structural integrity- this may include any dressers, cubbies, infant changing table, cribs, mats, toyboxes, toddler chairs, playground equipment, etc. More than likely they will give it a little wiggle so make sure your equipment does not fall into disrepair. 
  • Once your anaylst arrives they will count your kids so be sure to know your capacity rules (heck of a way to limit our income) and stick to them. 
  • provider records, tb clearance, cpr first aid, food handlers if required, , 
  • Your records for your children and employees. Your analyst will inspect each the of files such as personnel records, immunizations, and all other required documentation so be sure to keep everything organized. If  you have a scanner you can always maintain digital backups in case some files go missing.
  • They will be making sure all fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are up-to-date and functioning. Fire alarms generally need to be present in every room children will be in, residential rooms (if in-home, all hallways), and kitchen 
  • The inspector will take a look oustide for multiple toys, dead fruit on the ground, swimming pool gate integrity, locked fences. Be sure to keep tools, barbecue grills, and other hazardous objects locked away or at the least, totally inaccessible.  
  • Your required posted materials such as parent rights, your license, up to date emergency disaster plan, fire drill
  • landline
  • first aid kit, 

    First-aid supplies, which include sterile first-aid dressings, bandages, adhesive tapes, scissors, tweezers, thermometer, antiseptic solution, and a current first-aid manual, must be maintained.
  • fireplaces
  • clean sink
  • trash can lid
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Family Child Care Home Licensing Application

Items You Will Need To Go Along With Your Application

Child Care Center Licensing Application

Items You Will Need To Go Along With Your Application