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Posted By Lisa C on 04/20/2018 in Useful Information For Parents

4 Benefits of Tummy Time

Tummy time is essential for babies as it is a major developmental milestone. It helps build the core strength for your baby.  You do not have to wait to start this until they are a few weeks old, you can start immediately. Babies only need to do tummy time for a few minutes per day, and as they get older, you can increase the amount of tummy time until you are up to an hour a day by the time they turn three months old. You can put your baby on the floor on a blanket or play mat, and can use a boppy pillow to help elevate your baby’s trunk if you want. If your baby really does not like those options, you can start by putting your baby on your chest, this way they can make eye contact with you as they attempt to lift their head.

There are a few things you will want to try to help your baby have a successful tummy time as they are not always a fan of doing it. Make sure you at your baby’s level this way you can talk, cheer them on, and sing.  Find a toy or mirror to help engage them and keep them entertained, and always do tummy time routinely, so they eventually learn it is coming and do not protest as much.

There are four major benefits of tummy time, which is why it is vital to make sure it is done daily.

  • Tummy time helps babies gain core strength, which prepares them to roll over, crawl, sit, and walk.  By developing solid core strength, it will be easier for them to reach the next few milestones.
  • Another reason is that it helps prevent flathead syndrome.  If a baby is on their back too much, they can develop flat spots on their heads, also known as plagiocephaly.  By doing tummy time, you are keeping your baby’s head nice and round.
  • Along with these benefits, spending time on their tummies will also help your baby learn to track movements and focus on objects which is part of their visual development.
  • Finally, while lying on their tummies, babies are able to experience different sensations such as a carpet, floor, mat, etc, which helps them with their sensory processing, allowing them to feel more comfortable with different textures against their skin. Taking the time to successfully complete tummy time each day will do wonders for your baby.